Review: Red, White & Royal Blue by Casey McQuiston

Alex Claremont-Diaz makes up one third of the millennial marketing strategy called the White House Trio, and his mother just happens to be the first female President Ellen Claremont. They have become a fixture in society, and one duty is to attend the Royal Wedding of Prince Phillip. One downside of being a member of the White House Trio is that your every move is photographed, so when photos surface of a confrontation with his longtime nemesis, Prince Henry, at the wedding it becomes a threat to American/British relations.

So the White House PR team has a plan, stage a fake friendship between Henry and Alex. Alex has enough to worry about, with finishing his last semester of college, his mother’s re-election campaign, and his own political ambitions, he doesn’t have time to waste playing pretend with Prince Henry. However, as Alex gets to know Henry he realizes first impressions aren’t what they seem. Alex soon finds himself falling for the Prince. They soon begin a secret relationship that could derail his mother’s campaign and disrupt the British monarchy. Meanwhile, Henry is worried if Alex is worth all the trouble their relationship could bring.


Red, White, & Royal Blue was such a fun and entertaining novel. It’s an easy and romantic read that was perfect after reading a bunch of dark, suspenseful books. It’s filled with a cast of characters that make the book come alive. The White House Trio (made up of Alex, his sister June, and the Vice President’s daughter Nora) are all so well developed, that as you’re reading you want to become a part of their trio. It was really empowering as well, with Alex and Henry discovering themselves and what is worth fighting for in their lives.

I was sold on this book the moment that Alex and Henry bonded over Star Wars, since I’m still just a Leia looking for her Han. It was sweet, relatable, empowering, and somewhat stressful, but you can’t go wrong with this romance.

RATING: 10/10

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