Review: Chosen Ones by Veronica Roth

A decade ago, five teenagers defeated the evil enemy known as The Dark One. The Dark One caused widespread death and destruction. These five teenagers were brought together by the government because they fit the perimeters to be “The Chosen One” laid out in a prophecy on the defeat of the Dark One.

Ten years later, the world has moved on and The Chosen Ones have become celebrities. Sloan hates every minute of it, she doesn’t know what to do with herself. She can’t move on, The Dark One haunts her thoughts. She feels listless. Shortly after the dedication of a monument to the fallen lives, the Chosen Ones experience another devastating loss. As they gather for a funeral, they discover that the Dark One might not really be gone.


This is Veronica Roth’s first adult fiction novel after a string of young adult hits, such as the Divergent Series. Ugh this book, I need to stop giving Veronica Roth chances. I ended up completely hating the Divergent series, but I thought the synopsis of this book sounded interesting. I thought it was going to deal more with the aftermath and the trauma in these peoples’ lives. About 100 pages in there is a big reveal that thrusts them into a new conflict, and everything that was interesting just disappears.

It’s called Chosen Ones but you really only get to know Sloan. I didn’t like her as a character, all her decisions are incredibly selfish, and she is just frustrating. It annoyed me how little we got to know the other “chosen ones”. You only really ever go inside Sloan’s mind, so the other “chosen ones” feel like virtual strangers. In a weird decision, one of the “chosen ones” does not join the other three on their new adventure. So you don’t get to know her at all. I ended up hate reading this book, just powering through so I could finish it.

If you like Veronica Roth, you might enjoy this book. However, if you’ve had problems with her books before, I think you can skip this one.

RATING: 3/10

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