Getting to Know Your Blogger!

Since I have been posting for a couple months now, I feel like I should share more about myself. This way you can really form a connection to who is reading and reviewing all these books.

Name: Kerry
Age: 29
Instagram: @kerryreadsthings

I have a dog named Nymeria, she’s a chihuahua/jack russell mix, who is named after Arya Stark’s direwolf. I adopted her a couple years ago, and she is my constant companion.

I grew up right outside of Philadelphia, in Bucks County, PA. I have also lived in Florida and NYC. I went to Wagner College on Staten Island, where I graduated with a degree in Arts Administration. I love film, tv and theatre. I’ve worked in the theatre industry for the last couple years, but would love to get back into film production.

My best friend and I, this is my favorite picture I have ever taken in Disney.

I used to work for Disney. I was a Cast Member in Disney World. While there, I worked in attractions at Big Thunder Mountain Railroad. I then transferred to Entertainment, where I was a Character Attendant in Magic Kingdom. I worked with a bunch of different characters during my time there, including talking Mickey. I have a ton of stories from my time working there and plenty of advice on what is worth your time in the Parks.

Taken on Christmas Day, since I was working with The Beast

I’m very close with my parents, and talk to them everyday. I’m obsessed with Star Wars. The original trilogy is my favorite in terms of all three movies, but The Last Jedi is my favorite movie of the entire series. I grew up watching a lot of Anime, and Sailor Moon has always been my favorite. I even have a Sailor Mars tattoo (because she is my favorite scout).

I also adore The Muppets!

That’s just a little bit about me! Maybe we have something in common? You can always reach out to me here, or on Instagram. I’m always willing to chat about books, or that new show you binge watched.

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