Review: The Burning Shadow by Jennifer L. Armentrout

SYNOPSIS (via Goodreads):

“When Evelyn Dasher crossed paths with Luc, she was thrown headfirst into the world of the Lux—only to discover that she was already far more involved in their world than she ever suspected.

Because the Luxen aren’t the only ones with a hidden past. There’s a gap in Evie’s memory, lost months of her life and a lingering sense that something happened, something she can’t remember and nobody is willing to tell her. She needs to find out the truth about who she is—and who she was. But every answer she finds only brings up more questions.

Her search for the truth brings her ever closer to Luc, the Origin at the center of it all. He’s powerful, arrogant, inhumanly beautiful, extremely dangerous…and possibly in love with her. But even as Evie falls for him, she can’t help but wonder if his attraction is to her, or to the memory of a girl who no longer exists.

And all the while, a new threat looms: reports of a flu-like, fatal virus that the government insists is being spread by Luxen. A horrifying illness that changes whoever it touches, spreading panic across a country already at its breaking point.”



The last like 200 pages of this book are just crazy. We get a ton more information on what is happening (Daedalus is up to no good still). We see Luc and Evie’s relationship grow even more. And a ton of people die, this book was crazy and not what I expected at all. The deadly virus hit a bit close to home, so fair warning if you are picking up this book.

Luc and Evie have an insane amount of chemistry that just jumps off the page. It is absolutely the strongest part of this book, and what makes most of their actions believable. This book was a little slow going in the beginning, but once it picked up it really didn’t stop. A lot of things were revealed. Some I expected and some that definitely took me by surprise.

I think that this series has a much better structure than the Lux series. This series has been building in a very organic manner. With the Lux series, there was a new big bad that was somehow way worse than the previous big bad and sometimes grew tedious. With this series, we are really building to something huge, which I really enjoy.

We also finally saw Kat again, so that made me very happy. It was interesting to see where they were and how things had changed since the end of the Lux series.

I’m excited to read The Brightest Night and see what happens especially with that huge reveal in the last couple of pages.

RATING: 3.5/5

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