About Me

Welcome! My name is Kerry, and you have stumbled upon my blog.  I like to read and talk about books. I currently live in Brooklyn, NY with my adorable dog Nymeria. I worked in the theatre industry until everything was shut down due to Covid-19. Now I’m unemployed and exploring life.  

Reading has always been an important part of my life, and I love to talk about books. Unfortunately, just because I bug my friends to read this amazing book I just finished they don’t really listen to me. 

So I thought why not make a space to explore all my feelings for the books I am reading. I’m expressing my thoughts and feelings about the book or series I’ve finished. Everyone’s tastes are different. You might hate something that I love, nothing wrong with that, so just think of this as a helpful guide.  

You can follow me on Instagram
@kerryreadsthings (bookstragram)
@kcfrye (just my regular, everyday Instagram)

Professional Reader

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